How to move osclass site

Hello osclass lovers

In this articles, we will give you tutorial ‘How to move osclass site to new domain or new hostings”

Step by step  on Old site ( old cpanel/database )

  • 1. Login to cpanel
  • 2. Download your Old database , Login to Cpanel>> Backup>> Select Your database >> and download
  • 3. Go to Cpanel>> File Manager>> public_html/

Compress oc-content/ (folder) to zip

  • 4. Download and config.php


Step by step on New Database/ new cpanel/ New domain

  • 5. Install new osclass site , Use softacolous  menu from cpanel>> Softaculous
  • 6. After install success, back again to Cpanel>> select Php My Admin>>
  • 7. Select your database, and delete all databse content ( select all and click drop ) 5x ( clean all databse table )


  • 8. After all table deleted, Insert your old database ( see step 2 in up )


  • 9. After all  old database uploaded, go to file manager
  • 10. Editing New config.php
  • 11. Editing replace  DB_TABLE_PREFIX to old databse  ( you can see data in step 4 )
  • 12. Delete new Oc-content / folder  and replace with “Old” Oc-content/  ( you can see data in step 4 )

Complete, you can access new osclass installation with old databse