How to Translate Paris Osclass Themes



Tutorial Step by step

1. Download Default Language ( ) from here

2. Extract File , You can see 2 file on folder en_US  


b. theme.po

3. Download APPS Poedit  from here

4. Install Apps Poedit and Open Apps


5. Click ” Create new translation” 

6. Open file “theme.po” on folder en_US

7. Select Your Language (see on picture)



8. Transate all language to your language



9. After complete translate language, switch menu file >> save as



10. Save as theme.po on new folder

11. Create new folder with name language code example folder de_DE

Example : Germany language code: de_DE

See all Language code here 

12. Move 2 files theme.po and to folder de_DE (your language folder)

12. Upload language folder to ROOT /oc-content/themes/paris/languages

If you want Your language available default on next paris themes version, please send your translate to email

Thanks 🙂