Term Of Use

Help and Support

we will help you solve problems that occur in the themes.

what is included in the support?

1. bugs in themes

If you find bugs or errors that occur in the themes, you can report the error to cs@osclass.me, we’ll review your report and if found true bugs, we will fix bugs in the next update.

If bugs are small, we will provide solutions to overcome them.

2. Customize themes for plugins supported

If you buy a premium plugin in market.osclass.org and there is a certain code that must be installed on the themes, you can ask from our tutorial.

Note: This support does not apply if you buy a plugin in other osclass market.
If the problem is caused by the plugin, you must ask the author of the plugin.

3. Proposed design

If you have ideas or suggestions to add / change the design on our themes, please send your proposal to cs@osclass.me. all design proposals will be considered to be applied in the next update.

4. Custom design

For custom design / layout we only serve a small customized in themes, for example discoloration, css, plugin support and etc.

if you want to create a new layout on themes, you can develop your own. we use bootstrapp framework, you can develop these themes as you like.

5. The third-party error

Note: if there are problems on third parties (hosting or plugin), you should consult with your hosting provider or plugin author. we can only help you solve problems in themes.

6. Time support

Our work time 08:00 to 16:00 +7 timezone, we will continue to help outside these hours if we’re online.

We do not provide assistance if the problem / bugs occur from the script / customize theme you do.



Our Theme License describes the terms, conditions and restrictions applicable to your use of any products OsclassDotMe downloaded by you from www.market.osclass.org

read here for themes license information