How to translate “Click or Drop for upload images” osclass

How to translate “Click or Drop for upload images” osclass

if the translation is not available, please directly download from  oc-content / languages / en_US / core.po

1. download file core.po
2. edited using notepad / another editor

3. add the word you want translated

example: in Indonesian languages code id_ID


msgid “Click or Drop for uploaded images”
msgid “Klik atau Drop untuk upload gambar”

once added to the last line and save the core.po


After that

3. open poedit apps and click “create new translation”

select po translation and select file ( core.po from plugin (step no:1 ) )


Select you languages

translate your languages

save your translation


4. Save as core.po on new folder ( if you use italy “it_IT” folder )
5. Create new folder with name language code example folder “it_IT
Example : Italy language code: “it_IT

See all Language code here

12. Move 2 files core.po and to folder it_IT (your language folder)
12. Upload language folder to ROOT /oc-content / languages/
13. Complete

IF you use pre resize images plugin, you must translate from oc-content/plugins/ plugins name/ languages/

read this tutorial