How to translate plugin languages

How to translate plugins languages
if you want to translate “word” from plugins , you must create new folder in oc-content/ plugins/ {name plugins}/ languages/

example: you want to translate “phone” word in telephone plugins
1. download/ copy source “messages.po” from oc-content/ plugins/ telephone/ languages/ en_US/ messages.po
2. After download messages.po , Open with poedit apps ( download apps in here )

3. open poedit apps and click “create new translation”

select po translation and select file ( messages.po from plugin (step no:1 ) )


Select you languages

translate your languages

save your translation


4. Save as messages.po on new folder ( if you use italy “it_IT” folder )
5. Create new folder with name language code example folder “it_IT
Example : Italy language code: “it_IT

See all Language code here

12. Move 2 files messages.po and to folder it_IT (your language folder)
12. Upload language folder to ROOT /oc-content/ plugins/ (plugins name) / languages/
13. Complete